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Skin Care Survival Tips

Terjumpa this very useful articles from Dr. Jamie McManus blog.

Actually, tajuk asal artikel ni is Summer Skin Care Survival Tips. Maklumlah kat US kat 4 musim. Kita kat Malaysia ni pulak hari2 pun hari2 boleh apply tips Dr. Jamie ni.

Saya just copy paste, tak translate.


Summer is here, and it’s my favorite season of all! Why? Because the days are longer, the weather is warmer, and I get to do lots more of the outdoor activities I enjoy so very much—such as hiking, biking, kayaking, and, of course, running. It’s also the time of year when the sun’s harmful UV rays can wreak havoc on my skin. In fact, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, one in five Americans will develop some form of skin cancer during their lifetime!  We also know that sun exposure is the most significant factor in the aging of our skin. And not only do I not want to develop skin cancer, but who wants more wrinkles? Follow my five summer skin care survival tips to protect your skin!

1. Don’t skimp on the sunscreen
Choose a sunscreen that blocks both UVA and UVB rays—look for that on the label. Also, choose one that has an SPF of at least 30. Apply it liberally to all exposed surfaces; reapply every two hours, and again after emerging from water (even if it says it’s water resistant). Be sure to apply it to those commonly forgotten or hard-to-reach areas, such as the skin behind your ears, between your toes, at the top of your scalp, and on the bottom of your feet. And don’t forget to have someone put sunscreen on your back, too!

2. Accessorize for added protection

There is some very stylish clothing available today that uses special sun-protective fabric—imagine that! Look for a high Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) value on the label. The higher the UPF, the better. Wear a hat with a large brim, and invest in sunglasses that are highly protective against both UVA and UVB rays. Sunglasses help protect against cataracts, as well as help you to avoid those wrinkles around your eyes from squinting!

3. Be mindful of medications

From antibiotics to antidepressants, there are a wide range of medications that increase your risk of getting serious sunburn. Visit the American Cancer Foundation’s website for a list of medications that are cause for concern. If you’re taking any of these, your best bet is to avoid midday sun (between10 a.m. and3 p.m.) and take extra precaution with more sunscreen and protective clothing at all other times.

4. Stay well hydrated

Dehydrated skin leads to a loss of the skin’s protective barrier, which also contributes to early skin aging. To keep your skin as healthy as possible, be sure to drink plenty of water—especially during the summer months when it’s hot outside. The warmer the weather, the more water you lose through perspiration and sweat. (I call it “glistening!”) So, the more you are “glistening,” the more water you should be drinking. I love to mix in a powdered rehydration product into my water—great for skin, muscles, and more!

5. Nourish your skin
Eating a healthful diet and using skin care products enriched with antioxidants will provide your skin the nourishment it needs from both the inside and the outside. A variety of nutrients are needed by the skin to help protect, repair, and maintain its radiance and youthful appearance. Vitamin C is one of my favorites for my skin because it is essential to make collagen, a major structural component that gives our skin its elasticity. Vitamin A helps repair skin cells, and the antioxidant activity of vitamins E and C can help protect skin from some of the harmful effects of the sun’s rays. Think about adding these as supplements, along with eating those five to seven servings of fruits or veggies daily.


Saya ingat lagi dulu-dulu, saya selalu ingat yang Vitamin C untuk elakkan selsema sahaja. I was wrong, Vitamin C can do more than that. Vitamin C SANGAT PENTING UNTUK PEMBENTUKKAN KOLAGEN. Dan sebaik-baiknya carilah Vitamin C yang mempunyai pelepasan masa.

Apa tu pelepasan masa or Sustained Release? Haa...saya pun dulu ingat Vitamin C ni sumer sama. Ada yang murah buat apa nak beli yang mahal...heheee
Mahal BERSEBAB sebenarnya...

2 KRITERIA PENTING masa nak beli Vitamin C
1) Sustained Released
2) Mengandungi Bioflavonoids

Sustained Release maksudnya bila kita makan sebiji Vitamin C tu, ianya dilepaskan sedikit demi sedikit ke dalam tubuh kita. Kebaikannya, vitamin C tu akan berada dengan lebih lama dalam tubuh kita.

Vitamin C Shaklee juga mengandungi Bioflavonoids. Apa Bioflavonoids ni?
Bioflavonoids ni bekerja bagi menambahkan keberkesanan Vitamin C ni terhadap tubuh badan kita.

Sebiji Vitamin C Shaklee adalah bersamaan dengan 7 setengah biji buah oren. Ia juga adalah dari jenis Sustained Released.

Nak tau harga Vitamin C Shaklee ni? Sebotol ada 180 biji and boleh guna sehingga 6 bulan. 30 biji Vitamin C Shaklee ni harganya tak sampai pun sepinggan snackplate KFC. Sgt murah.

Jom dapatkan Vitamin C Shaklee ni bersama-sama dengan Shaklee Collagen Powder hari ini untuk boost kan kolagen kita. Saya nak nampak kekal mcm wajah sekarang untuk 10 tahun lagi. Anda bagaimana?

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